Windshield repair Montréal

A small chip on your windshield will become a crack and the windshield will have to be replaced ... So, it is better than repair as quickly as possible. 


If your windshield is cracked pass directly to our shop to repair as quickly as possible by our experts. 

Windshield repair in Montreal 30 Minute or less without appointment

 An impact on a Windshield does not always require replacement. Most often, only the outer glass sheet is damaged, intervening as soon as possible after an impact, may save you a replacement thus saving time and money. 

According to Article 265 of the Highway Safety Code: "The windshield and windows of a motor vehicle must conform to the standards established by regulation to ensure the driver's visibility. "You will risk a fine ranging from $ 90 to $ 175, plus $ 10 if the field of vision is obstructed by a splinter or crack in the windshield 

Windshield repair with a premium resin

Repair involves injecting a resin into the cavity or crack created by the impact this simple operation, enough to make the windshield its rigidity and its optical qualities of origin.

Plan repair your Windshield whenever you want you do not need an appointment for a repair auto glass show up directly and we will repair your windshield immediately..   

Avec plus de 2000 Installation de vitre automobile par année, vous êtes certains que nous avons l'expertise et la connaissance de tout les véhicules sur le marché au Québec.

Always the best price on a new OEM certified windshield

We will do everything we can to repair your windshield if we cannot repair it. we guarantee you the best price for a new OEM certified for your car or truck.

With over 1000 windscreen repairs each year, we have the expertise in the field and we guarantee your windshield repair for life.

You will be satisfied 100% guaranteed.

Auto glass certified by the largest US manufacturer and imported vehicles

We pay up to $ 150 on your deductible


Banners must meet the price set by their franchisor. here you do not pay franchise fees, plus you do not pay the price of insurance either. It is for this reason that more and more insurance broker in Montreal send them insured with a high deductible, or who do not want their insurance claim for a broken auto glass right here.